In our experience, the most memorable journeys in life tend to get a little spicy. In an effort to relive that feeling, we put together this list of 3 incredible adrenaline-pumping videos. If you’re the type of person to strap on your skis, fins, wingsuits, and the like, and laugh in the face of danger — these videos are for you.

1. Windsurfing Down a Snowy Mountain

Whoever said you could only windsurf on the water clearly hasn’t met “The King of Style,” Levi Siver.

2. Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave

Watch the late, great Uli Emanuele perform one of the most difficult base jumps ever recorded.

3. Mountain Biking the Lower Whistler Bike Park

These expert cyclists make descending the 5,000 ft. Whistler Bike Park look like a piece of cake!


Mark Silvester

Mark Silvester

Mark is new to the game but makes up for it with a passion for the outdoors and a funny accent. When he is not explaining the difference between Australia and the United States, you can find Mark in the mountains, at a show or on his skateboard.