If you’re looking for high-quality mil-spec canvas duffel, totes, or rucks, look no further than Emmons Manufacturing Co.

Canvas and leather goods are increasingly common. High-quality construction, however, is becoming less common. In the race to serve market demand, brands are pumping out packs as if they didn’t care who made them, in what conditions, and using which materials (and, of course, most do not care — except as these factors relate to profit).

So, a bag brand who dutifully crafts small-batch bags in America, who commits to fair working conditions, and who uses only high-quality materials is a brand that stands out. That brand is Emmons Manufacturing Co.

The Emmons Manufacting Co. booth from Made in America Expo.

Emmons Manufacturing Co. combines 30 years of bag-making expertise with a commitment for small-batch production. The result is a bag that lasts. I have seen Emmons Manufacturing Co. last summer and again this winter at Outdoor Retailer. Both times I have been impressed with both the product and the people behind it.

Right now, Emmons Manufacturing Co. is a small business with a core line of essential bags: a duffle, a tote, and a rucksack. See the series of products here.


Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

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