What’s in Your Wilderness Survival Kit?

By : Kevin Long Nov 03, 2016

If you are going deep into the backcountry, it’s important to be prepared for anything. You need to have some training in outdoor survival, as well as a good outdoor survival kit. Survival kits will vary depending on where you are going, your skill level, time of year, and so forth, but these are the top items to have in standard outdoor survival kit:

Knife. A good non-folding knife with a strong blade is one of the most important items you can have in your kit. Knives can be used to gather shelter materials, cut kindling, and harvest wild edibles.

Water Purification. Clean water is imperative for surviving in the wilderness. Although you can purify water primitively, that takes a very long time. A small purifying bottle or pump is the way to go.

Lighter. A lighter can allow you to start fire efficiently. You need fire to cook food, purify water, and get warm.

Waterproof Matches. It’s a good idea to have waterproof matches in case something goes wrong with your lighter.

Compass and Map. It’s easy to get turned around in the woods, even with excellent navigation skills. A compass and map can get you going in the right direction.

First Aid Supplies. A small injury in the backcountry can escalate, especially without a first aid kit. Always carry first aid supplies.

Flashlight. You don’t want to get caught in the dark while you’re still creating your shelter and gathering firewood. Always carry a flashlight. It can also be used to signal for help.

Small Mess Kit. It’s important to have a small mess kit that can compactly fold into itself. Look for one with a basic metal bowl, cup, and utensil combination.

Metal Cup. This one comes from commenter Jim Remza’s experience: “I was lost for 3 days on a moose hunt in Alaska 35 years ago. What I would never travel without is a metal cup to boil H2O in.”

Getting out into the middle of the wilderness is great… but make sure you’re prepared.


Kevin Long

Kevin Long

Kevin Long is The Dyrt's co-founder. After many stressful experiences trying to find a campsite online, he and his wife Sarah set out to solve this problem. And so The Dyrt was born, and so it grows, and so it goes. He's excited to make the camping experience even better!