Disclaimer: we used an annoying title to get you to click on this video. But the video is awesome. So, we’re not going to say “you’re welcome,” but we could. 

Nope! There’s no such thing as too much powder.

Unless we’re talking apocalyptic levels of powder. That would be too much, and if you say otherwise, well, you’re being unrealistic.

To commemorate non-apocalyptic but still impressive levels of powder, here is some incredibly deep sled riding:

Whistler Snowmobile Deep Day from CarlinoJoeVideo on Vimeo.


Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

Ryan was The Dyrt's Managing Editor and is now Director of Marketing. With over 10 years writing and digital growth experience and even more experience in the outdoors, he is excited about The Dyrt's early growth and trajectory. Ryan, like most people, is an onion (figuratively speaking), and finds byline bios reductive, though useful. He is writing this himself in the third person, and--to him--it feels strange.