Look no further for some of the best camping in Arches National Park, plus tips to enjoy your stay from The Dyrt Ranger team the Switchback Kids.

Most Popular Campgrounds in Arches National Park

The giant sweeping arcs of sandstone that are found in Arches National Park are the stuff of geological fantasy. For anyone who loves the outdoors and getting amongst natural wonders, then camping at this national park is a must. Here are three campsites where you’ll be able to explore the highest density of rock arches anywhere on earth.

1. Devils Garden Campground, UT

Photo from The Dyrt user Asher K.

Devil’s Garden is the only developed campground in Arches National Park and is by far your best bet for accessing trails and overlooks. The amenities are pretty standard, including flush toilets, a dishwashing station, site picnic tables and potable water. But there are no showers or general stores, so be prepared. The sites are also quite large and have large boulders, which is perfect for relishing in some shade early in the day.

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2. Willow Springs Trail Dispersed, UT

Photo from The Dyrt user Leah W.

If you’re thinking about giving dispersed camping a shot, then the Willow Springs Trail is a great place to start. With epic views and a close proximity to Arches National Park, the benefits of dispersed camping are plenty. The main one being that it is completely free. Just keep in mind that there are no facilities, so you must bring everything with you (and leave no trace when you leave).

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3. Big Bend Campground, UT

Photo from The Dyrt user Amber D.

One of the best qualities of the Big Bend Campground is that the Colorado River is right across the street. Being able to take a dip and escape the desert heat makes for a pretty special place to camp. That, and it’s a sublime spot to watch sunsets light up tall rock faces over the mighty Colorado. With bathrooms, picnic tables, and a fire pit, this spot seamlessly blends rustic with modern. The site is on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want a spot along the river, get there early.

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Explore Arches

There are more than 2500 rock arches in Arches National Park and each one is as unique and gorgeous as the next. Here you’ll lose your perspective on size as you marvel at arches that stretch more than 290ft across. Camping amongst the park’s rock formations will delight you, as there are many opportunities to get up close and personal. With a wide variety of trails for the casual hiker and ones for the more adventurous, Arches National Park offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to be dwarfed by these ancient stone giants.

The Dyrt’s Ranger duo the Switchback Kids, who spent a year visiting all 59 National Parks, have put together this incredible video to document their firsthand experience in Arches with the hopes of improving the visit of others.

Switchback Kids Ranger Tip: Most people pay the $10/per person for the ranger-guided tour of the restricted Fiery Furnace area of Arches. But for just $4/per person, you can snag a self-guided permit and navigate your own way through. Permits are required to hike this area of the park, and it’s more a playground than a hike. Very worth exploring, especially on your own.

And, in case you still (somehow) need convincing to fit this park in your summer itinerary, we present Arches National Park:

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