Look no further for some of the best camping in Bryce Canyon National Park, plus tips to enjoy your stay from The Dyrt Ranger team the Switchback Kids.

Most Popular Campgrounds in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon might be southern Utah’s smallest national park, but it still packs a serious visual punch. As an orange sunset washes over the canyon and sets the otherworldly rock formations ablaze, you’ll soon realize what a magical experience this national park has to offer. And while these three sites are the most-frequented, they are certainly not over-used. The adventure you take away from Utah’s Bryce Canyon will be yours and yours alone.

1. Sunset Campground, UT

Photo from The Dyrt user Megan B.

Located half way into the park, Sunset Campground is an ideal spot for the practical camper. Despite being a little cramped, this campground has many benefits. The biggest is its proximity to everything the park has to offer. It is also reservable, which is a huge plus during the peak season. There are also various look points and trail heads nearby which are perfect for soaking up this gorgeous area.

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2. Point Supreme Campground, UT

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Available from mid-June to late-September, Point Supreme Campground offers a camping experience at 10,000 feet in elevation. The campsite itself sits next to a flower-filled meadow and allows for some fantastic views as the sun rises over the canyon. With modern facilities and a variety of hiking trails, this uncrowded campground is a great way to explore the national park.

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3. North Campground, UT

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Centrally located within the park, North Campground gets an A+ for proximity and position. The visitor center is close by and the Canyon is just a short walk from the campground. With clean bathrooms that feature hot water and flush toilets, this is a comfortable place to soak up the superior panoramas.

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Explore Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park attracts more than one million visitors a year with its sorbet-colored, sandcastle-like spires and hoodoos. With picturesque scenery and steep trails that descend into 1000ft amphitheaters, camping in this awe-inspiring national park is an experience like no other.

The Dyrt’s Ranger duo the Switchback Kids, who spent a year visiting all 59 National Parks, have put together this incredible video to document their firsthand experience in Bryce Canyon with the hopes of improving the visit of others.

Switchback Kids Ranger Tip: You can use the free shuttle service to hike one-way along the 22-mile Under the Rim Trail. Several spurs connect to this longer trail from the main road, making it possible to shorten the overall length into a day hike.

And, in case you still (somehow) need convincing to fit this park in your summer itinerary, we present Bryce Canyon National Park:

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