It’s day 28 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO project. Today, we’re celebrating Sandia Peak Tramway outside Albuquerque, New Mexico and Primus is giving away a $100 gift card! Enter to win here

Panoramic Desert Views from the Top of the Tramway

Thanks to route 66, Albuquerque has long been a great place to stop on a road trip. In the early days of route 66, bright neon lights brought travelers into the city. Today, there are new ways to experience the city. One way is via the Sandia Peak Tramway.

In the winter, you can hit the slopes after riding the tramway above ABQ. And after the spring thaw those same trails covered in snow turn into excellent hiking and mountain bike trails.

To celebrate Sandia Peak, Primus is giving away a $100 gift card today! Enter to win here!

Take a ride up the Sandia Peak Tramway to take in the views. Make a day out of it by cruising the many trails below

Get Out And Explore Albuquerque, NM!

There’s more than one way to enjoy Sandia Peak. Immerse yourself within the mountain by taking advantage of its numerous trails. With trails ranging from easy to difficult there’s a trail for everyone to enjoy. And New Mexico True has you covered with more hiking suggestions.


Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

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