It’s National Park Week! It’s no secret that America’s National Parks and outdoor spaces are worth celebrating, but you may have the question… what is National Park Week? Just another note on the calendar? It’s bit more than that.

National Park Week = Free Park Admission

In short, National Park Week is a time to go to National Parks with free admission. Many parks charge admission to cover administrative operations. The funding goes to keeping the parks as pristine as possible. But for this one week — and both weekends on either end — you can get in for free.

Saturday, April 15 through Sunday, April 23, access National Parks for free. Use this search tool to find the park closest to you, and get out there this weekend.



Ryan Fliss

Ryan Fliss

Ryan was The Dyrt's Managing Editor and is now Director of Marketing. With over 10 years writing and digital growth experience and even more experience in the outdoors, he is excited about The Dyrt's early growth and trajectory. Ryan, like most people, is an onion (figuratively speaking), and finds byline bios reductive, though useful. He is writing this himself in the third person, and--to him--it feels strange.