Do you camp in NY? We want to give you $ to help our friend.

Our friend Charlie, a dairy farmer in upstate NY, just opened a tent campground and hasn’t had anyone camp there yet. It’s a peaceful pine grove campground near beak and skiff apple orchards and 110 acres of farmland.

Charlie’s farm is over 100 acres.

The dairy market has been in a near-constant decline in recent years, so Charlie is holding out hope that his land will be a camper’s paradise. The only problem: since opening half a year ago, his private campground has still not yet seen a camper. It’s just too hard for him to tend to his herd and market his campground. But he knows his land would make for a perfect camping getaway.

So, we’re helping Charlie. The first 5 campers who stay at his campground near Syracuse, NY and write a review on The Dyrt will each get a $50 Amazon gift card.

Are you in the NY area and willing to camp at Charlie’s new campsites? Send an email to mark at with the subject “Helping Charlie” and let us know when you could camp there.

We’ll set wheels in motion and you’ll end up with a $50 Amazon gift card!

The campground is nestled in a spacious clearing among the pine trees to the left of this meadow.

Private Land Owners Are Opening Campgrounds

Camping on private lands is becoming more and more common. Companies like Hipcamp, Tentrr, and more making it possible to turn private land into a private camping experience. But not all campers know to look for camping on private land, which can leave some private campgrounds vacant. As more and more people become aware of private land camping, land owners will be able to provide an incredible camping experience and make money at the same time. But first, campers need to know it’s an option. Help us help Charlie! Are you able to camp on his property? Send an email to mark at with the subject “Helping Charlie” and let us know when you could camp there!

Mark Silvester

Mark Silvester

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